Friday, May 15, 2009

Whoo Kid - Secret Sessions

drop number 2 for the weekend. This one is called secret sessions. I got 90 min. shootout pt 1 and 2 comming up next, plus maybe a few others.

whoo kid - secret sessions


  1. U have Whoo Kid Secret Sessions vol 2?

  2. Classic tape right here. Copped this on Fulton Ave in BK. A lotta heads slept on the old Whoo Kid mixtapes because they were stuck on cats like DJ Clue (who was startin to fall off around this time) and only bought tapes because of the DJ's name, but Whoo Kid had some heat back in the day. He always had some nice original blends and exclusive freestyles. I was on Canibus and X-1's nuts at that time so you know I copped this one..haha Big ups for posting this. Really took me back. Same goes for the old Camilo tapes you posted. Those were probably my favorite tapes, period, along with the classic Doo Wop and Tony Touch joints.