Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bangin Like a Ron G Tape

Yeah you know Raekwon said it best......Wu Tang is bangin like a Ron G Tape..haha. Here's one for that everyones going to get down to. The intro sets this tape off. One of my fav. Ron G joints right here, this ones called Diamonds Last Forever.

ron g diamonds last forever

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stan Strong - Kickback Part 3

This ones by Stan Strong...the strongest man on two sets of steel. I know a lot of you might not be to familiar with him but we about to change all that. Give this one a listen cause I know it's going to blow your mind. DJs of today, take notice...this is how its suppose to be done. Let me hear some feedback on this one and someone get back to me if you got part 1 and 2. See you on the next one.

Stan Strong - Kickback Pt. 3.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Doo Wop-Sandy's Birthday

Everyones doing big things on all the blog sites out there so I'ma keep it moving. This one is pretty rare. Doo Wop himself got at me on rapmullet and told me he lost his master copy of this one. Wish I still have his response when I ask him who Sandy was. Pretty interesting to say the least, I'm pretty sure Tape or anyone else in NYC can fill us in. Pretty sure Wop said she coined the phrase 2 for 5. She's mad funny on the intro, you'll get a laugh out of that. Pretty sure she paid Wop a whole lotta cash up front to do this one.

doo wop sandy's birthday


Friday, April 17, 2009

Lazy K-Spring 98

Since Brandon and Tapemasta have been blessng you guys with some of Lazy K's best tapes I figured I'd have to upp one as well. This ones called Spring 98. Brandon, Tape either of you guys still have going out tonight? That tape was ill. I think I lost that one. I might have to brake out some of them old Lazy K and Technician tapes, them joints was crazy.

Lazy k spring 98

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chill Will Mastapeace Part 7

Ok its Easter Sunday and I figure everyones fully fed and ready to just sit back and relax. This one is part 7 in one of the best mix tape series of all time.



Saturday, April 11, 2009

On a Rainy Saturday

Was looking through the collection and picking out some tapes that I remember and I think that you guys would like. All these are on cassette so converting them to mp3 takes some time but I want your feedback in deciding what tapes to get to first. I know you guys will remember some of these. I'm working on Kool Mike Ski-Kool Out #6 blend joint right now. Also I'd like to know what programs you guys are using to rip your cassettes. Right now I'm using my old cassette deck from the early 90's, a radioshack jack and a program called Cakewalk Pyro. I'm wanting to get the quality as good as I can when I convert these.

Anyways, heres the list

1200 assassin-do or die 96
12oo assassin-ready to die pt 2
Action Pac-Summer
Action Pac-HipHop/R&B Swing
Action Pac-Street Flavor
Action Pac-Cool Out #5
Air Alert-Just do it live #5
Amazing Dewitt-HipHop mix #4
BamBam-Hiphop/reggae #?
Boo the Barber-HipHop/Reggae
Buckwild 10/31 Hween
Camilo-HipHop #14
D. Demo-Summer Splash
D. Demo-Street Flava 7/7
Damage-We are Back
Dave 0-Say no more pt 2
Doo Wop-Birthday Jam
Doo Wop-Cool Out 93
Doo Wop-Winter 92
Doo Wop-Winter Cool Out 95
Dream Team-The 5th Element
Dream Team-Mega Blends
Ebony Bros-Greatest Mixes
E-Kim-Blends & Butter
Evil Dee-Fat Beats
Father Ramzee-Blends 96
Hectic #3
Homicide-Birthday Blowup
Iroc-Mixes 1
Iroc-Showdown Mix #8
J-Love-Forever in Remembrance (r.i.p dj threat)
Kool Kid-Solid Gold and Risin Business as Usual
Kool Kirk-Heaven or Hell
Kool Kirk-Rumble in the Bronx
Lazy K-On Fire Tape 20
Lazy K-Fuck Clue
Melgats-Blends 96
Mike Nice-1-27-94
Mike Nice-X-Mas Bomb 94
Rated R-Disconnected
Rated R-Disconnected pt 2
Red Handed-Guess who's Back
Rhythm-The Bomb
Rhythm-Roll It 95
Ron G-Summertime Jam pt 2
Ron G-12/26
Ron G-Street Dreams
Ron G-Reggae 92
Ron G-4/16
Ron G-Diamonds are Forever
Ron G-Back to School Shit pt 1
Ron G-Live at the Cotton Club
Ron G-3/25
S&S-Skate Key Xmas
S&S-Live in DC
Sandman 117-4-11-95
Showtime-Men of Respect
Showtime-Mortal Combat 94
Stan Strong-Kickback Pt 3
Super C-Mixes #1
T.D.K-Rap Atack 3 "95"
Tec 1-Niggaz got no skillzs
Technician & Kool Kirk-Back at Work
Triple C & Brucie B-T.N.T
Triple C-Studio #17
Youngwise-Mix 1

Friday, April 10, 2009

Camilo #20 The Latin Connection

Props to Sami on this one for posting. Use to have this tape years ago and this is the exact reason why you never let your friends borrow your tapes. Thanks Sami!


Anyone else out there that use to love this old whoo kid tapes? This ones called Hydro. I know what your thinking, I already have this. Well this isn't the one from 2001/2002. This one is straight from the cassette from 1998. The other two tapes in the picture are Hydro Pt 2 and Secret Sessions. Tape did you drop Secret Sessions on Pushin Tapes or was that Secret Sessions Pt 2?

Its the Silva Sir-Fa

Yeah you know who he is. The Silva Sir-Fa man...aka...Norrin Radd. Silva drop another one of them abstract blend joints or another America's best blender tapes, hell even another one of them clash of the titans, who thanks to Tapemasta I finally got to listen to. This ones called

S.W.O. (Sir-Fa World Order) Peep the skills on the Noreaga It aint a game pt 2. Enjoy

1.Shorty Black Reem Dog (Intro SWO)2.Nas (Blaza A Fifty)3.Black Moon (It’s Called A Freestyle)4.Noreaga, Maze, Musolini (It’s Not A Game Pt. 2)5.Beatnuts (Forever)6.Jay Z, DMX, Memphis Bleek (Money Cash Hoes)7.Foxy Brown, Noreaga (Hard Being Wifee)8.Camron (Let Me Know)9.Roots Erykah Badu (You Got Me)10.Nas (Small World)11.Juvenille, Jay-Z (Ha!) Remix12.Mobb Deep (Illustrious)13.Black Moon (Rip Apart Shit)14.Noreaga (Halfway Thugs Pt. 2)15.DMX, Lox, Dragon, Eve (Ride O Die)16.Keith Murray, Cannibus, DeSavy (Some Shit)17.Charlie Baltimore (Everybody Wanna Know)18.Red Man (Da Da Dahhh)19.Method Man, D’Angelo (Break Ups to Make Up)20.DMX, Mary J. Blige (Coming From)21.Timberland, Nas, Mad Skillz (To My)22.Black Moon (2 Turntables & A Mic)23.Mystical, Busta Rhymes (Watcha Want)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ron G-Back to School Shit PT2

Some of that classic Ron G shit,....back to school shit that is. This one is part 2, think i got part 1 around here somewhere.

Ron G- back to school shit pt 2

Kay Slay Original Gangsters Pt. 2

Remember this series, probably my favorate with kay slay. All these joints are like two or three discs strong. Why aren't any mixtape djs doing this nowadays?

kay slay original gangsters pt 2
cd 1 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZYC5AOJ9
cd 2 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=573ANZC1
cd 3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9K2BB5A3


This ones from DJ IROC called Spring Ice from 97.

Tony Touch

Another Gem. Tony Touch-Terrorist Activity. I think him and Doo Wop need to get together for another tape and a few more freestyles.
Tony Touch & Dj Khalid- Terrorist Activity

Some Random Goodies

dj enuff underground hip hop #2 (94)

b-mello 94 shit


One of my favorites, DJ Camilo. Tape #17.
Anyone still have Tape #20 laying around?..I need that back in my life. Hit me up

First Post

Seen a lot of guys doing big things posting them classic tapes and I figured I'd throw my collection into the mix. Now lets get it started. Gotta come out with something nice for my first post, so lets go with Billy Bill-School's Out. Classic Blend Tape.

side a http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DW87L0S0
side b http://www.megaupload.com/?d=R9HDQP89