Friday, April 10, 2009

Its the Silva Sir-Fa

Yeah you know who he is. The Silva Sir-Fa man...aka...Norrin Radd. Silva drop another one of them abstract blend joints or another America's best blender tapes, hell even another one of them clash of the titans, who thanks to Tapemasta I finally got to listen to. This ones called

S.W.O. (Sir-Fa World Order) Peep the skills on the Noreaga It aint a game pt 2. Enjoy

1.Shorty Black Reem Dog (Intro SWO)2.Nas (Blaza A Fifty)3.Black Moon (It’s Called A Freestyle)4.Noreaga, Maze, Musolini (It’s Not A Game Pt. 2)5.Beatnuts (Forever)6.Jay Z, DMX, Memphis Bleek (Money Cash Hoes)7.Foxy Brown, Noreaga (Hard Being Wifee)8.Camron (Let Me Know)9.Roots Erykah Badu (You Got Me)10.Nas (Small World)11.Juvenille, Jay-Z (Ha!) Remix12.Mobb Deep (Illustrious)13.Black Moon (Rip Apart Shit)14.Noreaga (Halfway Thugs Pt. 2)15.DMX, Lox, Dragon, Eve (Ride O Die)16.Keith Murray, Cannibus, DeSavy (Some Shit)17.Charlie Baltimore (Everybody Wanna Know)18.Red Man (Da Da Dahhh)19.Method Man, D’Angelo (Break Ups to Make Up)20.DMX, Mary J. Blige (Coming From)21.Timberland, Nas, Mad Skillz (To My)22.Black Moon (2 Turntables & A Mic)23.Mystical, Busta Rhymes (Watcha Want)

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