Friday, April 17, 2009

Lazy K-Spring 98

Since Brandon and Tapemasta have been blessng you guys with some of Lazy K's best tapes I figured I'd have to upp one as well. This ones called Spring 98. Brandon, Tape either of you guys still have going out tonight? That tape was ill. I think I lost that one. I might have to brake out some of them old Lazy K and Technician tapes, them joints was crazy.

Lazy k spring 98


  1. I got parts 2 & 3 for going out !! I'm looking for part that you talked about..good series !!

  2. yeah i had the first one, may still have it, if i do ill up it. didn't realize there were three parts, if the second two are like the first im sure there good ones.

  3. Crazy HEAT !!!!!!! Massive PROPS !!!!1 Do you also have the cover ?


  4. Hey man, please re-upload it, that shit is straight FIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!