Friday, April 10, 2009

Camilo #20 The Latin Connection

Props to Sami on this one for posting. Use to have this tape years ago and this is the exact reason why you never let your friends borrow your tapes. Thanks Sami!


  1. fuking amazing !
    i use to own this tape i got it from my boy who moved to miami from brooklyn this is a definate GEM no fuking dout , i got a few gems in a timberland bootbox ..I lost this mix thoe glad to have found it once again!!!!
    THANK YOU !!!!

  2. I still have this !
    Side A was all freestyle
    Side B was straight up HIPHOP. This was my 1st camilo tape that I purchased.


  3. camilo that latin connection is a banger still listen 2 that tape now in my walkman