Saturday, April 18, 2009

Doo Wop-Sandy's Birthday

Everyones doing big things on all the blog sites out there so I'ma keep it moving. This one is pretty rare. Doo Wop himself got at me on rapmullet and told me he lost his master copy of this one. Wish I still have his response when I ask him who Sandy was. Pretty interesting to say the least, I'm pretty sure Tape or anyone else in NYC can fill us in. Pretty sure Wop said she coined the phrase 2 for 5. She's mad funny on the intro, you'll get a laugh out of that. Pretty sure she paid Wop a whole lotta cash up front to do this one.

doo wop sandy's birthday


  1. i remember this joint .. i used to rock it all the time back in the day... thanks

  2. That blend session is just crazy !
    Is that Miss Jones on that craig mack instrumental ?

    Thanks for this joint !

  3. Sandy was the lady competing against the other spots who dropping tapes..So she dropped the phrase 2 for 5 & that became famous..I still laugh at this tape because alot of djs started doing tapes like this..Even Tec 1 did a tape called f*#@ Sandy..But wop's was better..SML had did a tape called live @ Sandy's..I got this tape in the box right now..OG, you're bringing the ame back to what it use to be & i'm glad..

  4. yea there used to be a mixtape spot in the bronx called Sandy's......she would bootleg your sh!t real quick thats why some DJ's aint like her